Slab concreting is an essential finish, as it can be the final stage of construction, if the extension of the work is not foreseen in the project. Therefore, it is very important that the structure has been made to withstand the weight of the property and ensure a safety prop for the entire slab.

The preparation of the environment for the slab concreting activity is essential for the service, as the supply of water and electricity must be available for the finishing to be carried out quickly and with quality.

The concreting of the slab can be done manually, but an option widely used both in homes and in small works is concreting with machined concrete, it offers practicality and economy, there is no waste of materials and the execution time is reduced.

Before starting the slab concreting, the installation of the hydraulic and electric power systems must be completed in the entire work, since carrying out maintenance afterwards is more complicated and can compromise the structure of the slab.

The purchase of the concrete is carried out directly with the concrete, but in order to avoid mistakes at the time of purchase, the company that will carry out the slab concreting service can assist in guiding the best material, as well as in choosing possible equipment such as the pump launcher.

The launch pump is a concrete launcher option that achieves a performance of about 1m³ per minute. With such performance, the company contracted for concreting the slab must indicate the number of employees according to the length of the slab.